2017-04-26 13:06

Dansstudio Magic äe en dansskola som är känd för pardans verksamhet för alla åldrar och nivåer.

Men nu är det dags att utöka vår verksamhet och börja med nya discipliner! Vi söker disco och hiphop lärare!

Som tränare är du oerhört driven, positiv och engagerad och gillar att samarbeta för bästa resultat. Du brinner för dans och för dina elevers utveckling. Det är viktigt att du gillar och kan jobba med barn och tonåringar för att sprida dansglädje!

Dans skapar energi, glädje och harmoni - it´s a kind of Magic!

Kontakta oss via eller 0704089177


Dansstudio Magic/ Gustaf och Valentina

2017-03-23 21:24



Kursstart vecka 23- 4ggr-650 kr pp

Vuxna pardans NYBÖRJARE 1 -tisdagar kl. 18.30-19.50

Vuxna pardans FORTSÄTTNING -onsdagar kl. 20.00-21.20

Vuxna pardans AVANCERAD - tisdagar kl. 20.00-21.20

Vuxna pardans TEKNIK - onsdagar kl. 18.30-19.50

Klicka här för att anmäla dig!

2017-02-11 14:10

Observera att det är sportlov vecka 7 för alla dansare, för utom barndans 2-3 år!

Ha en fin vecka och åk skidor försiktigt!

Vi ses igen vecka 8


Dansstudio Magic

2016-12-19 23:17

2016-10-30 22:03


Under höstlovet som är vecka 44 är det inga kurser för alla utom barndans 2-3 år och barndans 4-5 år!

Ha en trevling höstlov!


Dansstudio Magic

2016-10-10 12:44

Vi påminner att det ingen dans för barngrupper 2-3 år och 4-5 år den 16e oktober!


Dansstudio Magic

2016-08-07 18:03

(report is written by Kaja Jakowska)

The yearly Summer Camp, organised by our brilliant team of teachers, has come and gone. Never has days seemed go faster while the songs in the numerous finals seemed to drag on for ages.

If I would have to sum up the camp in one sentence it would be "to break your boundaries", but of course we had an even better way of summing up this camp even before it started. The theme of the camp was "Characterization" (very difficult word to spell, mind you), and that was exactly what all the groups were about.

We have all heard about how we use our feet, body, connection and all sorts of technique but this time, the focus was different. In both the latin and ballroom we discovered how different dances inspire different approaches to the same/similar steps and create something completely different.

We also had three fitness sessions, one with Gustaf and Rachid, concentrating on our core muscles. The other two was with Henrik, the fireman Cross fit trainer, who made us mostly dead. Not only were the exercises hard and many, but also he made us half motivated half scared into doing them properly.

If you thought it was over, the coaching was waiting almost every day of the camp, either latin, ballroom or both. Always with a final rounds waiting around but also a great atmosphere and cheering from the other dancers.

As every year, we had a surprise prepared for us. This year the surprise had two parts. First one was the brilliant Jimmy, who taught us some basic acting techniques we could use in our dancing. It helped many, especially competitive dancers, to go back to the bases and enjoying the dancing more and give it more meaning than just steps and technique. The second part of the surprise was a relaxing salsa class, to end the day.

A new thing for this year was the “gala show” on the last day, where all the dancers made shows, either in couples or small teams, to show the parents and friends. The theme of the night was "Spanish Fiesta" and I think we all can agree it was a great success with a lot of great dancing and fun!


Sadly, the camp is over for this year, but it leaves some great memories and new friends! Don't miss the next camps coming up, like the Winter Camp on 6-7-9 of January.

Summer Camp 2017, which will be the 10-year anniversary of the VAGR camps!


2016-06-20 12:37

Här kan du se ett litet klipp från Avslutningsfesten på Dansstudio Magic (VT2016)

2016-06-20 11:05

HT 2016 Dansstudio Magic

Kursstart vecka 36

  • 2-3 år - söndagar kl. 10.00-10.40 (med en förälder/vuxen)
  • 4-5 år - söndagar kl. 10.45-11.25
  • 6-11 år - söndagar kl. 11.30-12.25

Barn utvecklar genom dansen grundläggande motorik, koordination, balans, taktkänsla och samarbete.

Dansa på Dansstudio Magic med en utbildad pedagog som älskar att jobba med barn. Vi dansar för att ha kul!

För mer information gå till eller kontakta oss

2016-06-13 13:23

Swedish Championships in Ballroom and Latin 2016 (DSF)

Straight from Blackpool, with head full of inspiration, Magic ventured to Helsingborg’s Arena to compete in Swedish Championships in Ballroom and Latin. Some of the couples to compete for the highest titles and some to get to the championship class. Nevertheless, Magic has never been prouder.

Day 1 was the day of Swedish championship for Amateur Latin, Youth Ballroom, and Latin completion for B class couples.

The big event for Magic was the Youth Standard Championships, where Lucas and Evelina were clear winners, and brought the trophy and title back to Magic. Many congratulations to this young couples, which started their partnership only 6 month ago! It was pleasure to see also Max and Linnea, a junior couple, competing against youth on their first A class competition.

In the B-class Juvenile/Junior, Magic had 3 couples in the final, Jonatan and Edit being 2nd, Max and Linnea 5th and Alexander and Bianca 6th.

B-class Youth/Amateur was no less exiting, with Mattias and Diana placed 2nd.

The second day was no less exiting. The Standard Amateur Championships, Latin Youth and Latin for B class were the agenda for the day.

The Latin Youth Championship had one couple from Magic competing, Lucas and Evelina. They were placed 3rd in a few dances but ultimately came 4th, in a very strong competition.

Amateur Ballroom was, of course, the biggest category for Magic, two couples in the final. Filip and Hedvig gave a good fight for the top 3, already in their first year as amateurs, but became 4th in the end.

One could not simply miss the heroes of the whole happening, Jura and Lina. After practicing only 1,5 month together, and without choreography in Slowfox, they won all five dances, and the Swedish Championship trophy came back to Magic again for the 4th year in a row.

Interestingly, that last year Lucas and Lina came 6th in Youth ballroom championship, but this year Lucas with his new partner Evelina took gold in Youth class, and Lina with her new dance partner Jerzy, took gold in the adult class.

In the Standard B-class Juvenile/Junior we had two couples in the final, Axel and Ida, that placed 3rd and Jonathan and Edit finishing 5th. Alexander and Bianca also did very well, considering their young age and dancing Junior.

The B-class Youth/Amateur gave Magic three couples in the final. Mattias and Diana winning, and Viktor and Johanna coming second. Both of the couples are now in A-class, so they both have a lot to do in the summer! Also big congratulations to Markus and Petra, for making the final in their first B-class!

Once again, big congratulations to everyone! You all did your best! Now summer is no time for leisure, but for hard work and improving, so see you on the first Stay In Shape Camp this summer!

(rapport is written by Kaja Jakowska, edited by Valentina Lundin)



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