2016-06-13 13:23

Swedish Championships in Ballroom and Latin 2016 (DSF)

Straight from Blackpool, with head full of inspiration, Magic ventured to Helsingborg’s Arena to compete in Swedish Championships in Ballroom and Latin. Some of the couples to compete for the highest titles and some to get to the championship class. Nevertheless, Magic has never been prouder.

Day 1 was the day of Swedish championship for Amateur Latin, Youth Ballroom, and Latin completion for B class couples.

The big event for Magic was the Youth Standard Championships, where Lucas and Evelina were clear winners, and brought the trophy and title back to Magic. Many congratulations to this young couples, which started their partnership only 6 month ago! It was pleasure to see also Max and Linnea, a junior couple, competing against youth on their first A class competition.

In the B-class Juvenile/Junior, Magic had 3 couples in the final, Jonatan and Edit being 2nd, Max and Linnea 5th and Alexander and Bianca 6th.

B-class Youth/Amateur was no less exiting, with Mattias and Diana placed 2nd.

The second day was no less exiting. The Standard Amateur Championships, Latin Youth and Latin for B class were the agenda for the day.

The Latin Youth Championship had one couple from Magic competing, Lucas and Evelina. They were placed 3rd in a few dances but ultimately came 4th, in a very strong competition.

Amateur Ballroom was, of course, the biggest category for Magic, two couples in the final. Filip and Hedvig gave a good fight for the top 3, already in their first year as amateurs, but became 4th in the end.

One could not simply miss the heroes of the whole happening, Jura and Lina. After practicing only 1,5 month together, and without choreography in Slowfox, they won all five dances, and the Swedish Championship trophy came back to Magic again for the 4th year in a row.

Interestingly, that last year Lucas and Lina came 6th in Youth ballroom championship, but this year Lucas with his new partner Evelina took gold in Youth class, and Lina with her new dance partner Jerzy, took gold in the adult class.

In the Standard B-class Juvenile/Junior we had two couples in the final, Axel and Ida, that placed 3rd and Jonathan and Edit finishing 5th. Alexander and Bianca also did very well, considering their young age and dancing Junior.

The B-class Youth/Amateur gave Magic three couples in the final. Mattias and Diana winning, and Viktor and Johanna coming second. Both of the couples are now in A-class, so they both have a lot to do in the summer! Also big congratulations to Markus and Petra, for making the final in their first B-class!

Once again, big congratulations to everyone! You all did your best! Now summer is no time for leisure, but for hard work and improving, so see you on the first Stay In Shape Camp this summer!

(rapport is written by Kaja Jakowska, edited by Valentina Lundin)


2016-04-24 20:09



Kursstart vecka 23- 4ggr-650 kr pp

Vuxna pardans NYBÖRJARE 1 -tisdagar kl. 18.30-19.50

Vuxna pardans FORTSÄTTNING -torsdagar kl. 20.00-21.20

Vuxna pardans AVANCERAD - tisdagar kl. 20.00-21.20

Vuxna pardans TEKNIK - torsdagar kl. 18.30-19.50

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2016-03-15 17:16


Det är ingen dans vecka 13!

Vi önskar er GLAD PÅSK!

2016-02-16 10:16

Dansstudio Magic är stängt under sportlovet (vecka7).

2016-01-25 17:00

Observera att Dansstudio Magic har bytt bankgironumret.

Nya bankgironumret är  5080-4780 - Dansstudio M AB 

2016-01-16 19:43

(Repport is written by Kaja Jakowska)

Earlier than usually, the annual Winter Camp was upon us, and it was nothing short of tough, full of knowledge, but most of all, fun!

Although all the days had pretty much the same schedule, at no point were we bored. The Latin, as always brilliantly lectured by Rachid and Anna, was all about the small choreographies done in three dances, which were so much fun to dance, that I think (and hope!) that most will still repeat them and practice them from time to time (best would be every day, but I’m trying to be a realist here ;) ).

The ballroom didn't disappoint either, as the varied exercise kept us on our feet. The "big" group could also experience how it is to dance as their partner, and I think all of the girls agree with me when I say, men are terrible at following leads.. They claim we're just bad leaders but I won't believe in such slander. Just kidding, of course, you are all amazing ;)

The stamina must have been the hardest stamina of all times! Not once did anyone leave the stamina practice with their hair completely dry, and the shirt more with sweat stains than without. The fitness this year was African dancing, where we could shake things off (pun intended) with some different sort of dancing, and sweating some more, without realising it, because we were so concentrated how silly we must have looked and because it was so much fun!

Finally, a big thanks to Gustaf, Valentina, Rachid and Anna for the amazing camp, as well as to Bengt and Birigitta, who, as always, some to us with good food, so that we don't die during the day!

Next camp is not so far off, already in a week and a half on 23-24th of january, prep for Swedish 10-dance championship! See you all there!

2015-12-17 18:59

Once again, the semester came to an end and it did it in a most spectacular fashion. Record-breaking audience and record-breaking amount of dancers performing made the night truly special and magical.

We could see the beginners, making huge improvements, in their Cha Cha and Waltz show, the couples that just started competing, the couples being regulars on competition floors and the absolute best Sweden have to offer in ballroom and latin dancing.


Even the assisting coaches in Magic did a little Christmas show, and a new thing for this year was the show of the modern ballet group, which was truly impressive, considering the group only did this style for a semester.

The newest addition to our dance club, and already Magic's sweetheart, Vincent, was present with his parents, Gustaf and Valentina, and stayed very calm during all of the show, amazingly due to his tender age of one month!

Of course, the traditional lottery was conducted, and many great prizes were won, such as dancing shoes, private lessons and lunches at Winter Camp. There also was a copious amount of chocolate, what everyone likes.

In the end, there must be thanks, to all teachers, parents and of course Bengt and Brigitta, not only for the amazing cakes you provided on the night (yum!) but your entire work for Magic and all of us, you truly make this dance school one of a kind!

Lastly, see you all on Winter Camp 2016!


rapport is written by Kaja Jakowska


2015-09-24 11:46

med Sinclairs  

och Dansstudio Magic!

Kom och dansa pardans, umgås och träffa nya härliga människor. Fredagar kl.19-22

  • 23 oktober på Dansstudio Magic
  • 20 november på Sinclairs
  • 11 december på Dansstudio Magic

Göteborgs två ledande pardansskolor samarbetar för att erbjuda alla möjlighet att dansa. Våra dansaftnar är öppna för alla, inte bara för våra elever.

Alla är välkomna!


Dansstudio Magic: August Barks gata 7, Västra Frölunda

Sinclairs: Lergöksgatan 4, Västra Frölunda

Pris: 100kr per person

Du behöver inte att anmäla dig.


2015-08-16 18:24

(report is written by Kaja Jakowska)

Göteborgs Kulturkalaset is without doubt, the biggest annual event in Gothenburg and this year, we had the fortune to be there and perform!

Standing on the biggest street in Gothenburg, Avenyn, we had our talented couples, Viktor and Johanna, Alexander and Bianca, Axel and Ida, Gustav and Amelie and Gustav and Lina (who danced only a week together), showing the big public cha cha, jive and samba. The public loved it, to say the least!

The audience could also try on a few steps in samba and jive themselves, as well as try on the fun dance Cha Cha Slide. So many people actually participated! It was great, seeing so many people dancing in the middle of the street in central Gothenburg.

Atmosphere was great, dancing was great, the weather was best during this year (like it's an omen) and all points on that we'll be back on Kulturkalaset next year!

Watch a video here:)


2015-08-10 11:58

(report is written by Kaja Jakowska)

When I got asked about writing the report from this year's Gothenburg Summer Camp, of course I was so very happy, but I frankly didn't know where to start.. And all because it was so eventful!! I doubt there ever was a camp with more surprises, to be honest.

"Where to even start then?", I asked myself.
Well, day 1 would be the natural choice..

This started out big. First lecture of the camp was given by Svein Rotvold and even thou the size of the group was so big, he managed to get his point across so well.

A new thing this year was the split into three groups, the "Big" group, rekrytering and rekrytering adult, which was a welcome change from all the participants. 
And of course, this year's theme for the camp, "Reality Check", the reflection over what we are actually doing! It may seem obvious but many a time one would be surprised how many things we are missing! 
The first day was most definitely the day of ballroom, with a ballroom group with Gustaf and Valentina and ballroom only coaching (not an easy one).
Finish of the day was the BodyPump group, which all of us underestimated, and left us in pieces.

Wow, so much going on and we're only on day 1.. 

Day 2 started out with a great lecture on Samba from Rashid and Anna, followed by an awesome lecture of G&V on slowfox.

The crown of the day sure came at the end!
Three hours of 10 dance coaching/stamina scared all of us a little incredibly a lot, but even thou not for the faint hearted, we survived, and we returned to our homes for the night awaiting the surprises of the next day.

Ok, so surprises. I've been on this camp for 7 years, and let me tell you, that was easily the best one! Laser Tag is actually super fun, even if you don't exell in it (like i don't..). So for an hour we ran around with laser guns in darkness and at the end if the day, Karl Rasmussen kicked everyone's bottoms, where he got like ALL the points.
The second part of the surprise was snacks and games at the dance school and if it wasn't even more entertaining than Laser Tag, it was at least at the same level! 


So we had our fun the day before, let's go back talking business! The next two days went pretty much after the same pattern, except thursday was a latin day, with latin only practice, and BodyPump and Natasha doing a comeback, reminding us of our sore muscles we didn't knew we had. Friday was back at evening 10 dance stamina, which didn't leave us rested. The last group of the camp was the fitness with Rachid and Gustaf.. Jesus wept, the burn held on for days! Just a nice way to prep us for the grand finale, the team match! 

The last day was upon us, starting out with communication skills lecture, creating our own perfect dancer in groups and the exercise where we realised (if we didn't before) that planning before a comp is both costly and time consuming (i'm sure most of us went home and hugged our parents after that). 

Then of course, the team match! This year's teams represented exotic countries like Nigeria, Venezuela, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Thailand, Lebanon, Kazakhstan and New Zeeland. As an extra quest, all of the teams had to perform a dance typical for their country, which was very interesting, but mostly really really funny! 
The plan of doing two separate competitions for ballroom and latin, unfortunately, got killed by the mean demon of time limits, which left us with a ballroom team match, won by Japan, and a show from all the couples in latin. 


See, i told you, there has been no other camp like this! There are no words to thank Gustaf, Valentina, Rachid and Anna for all the work they put in! And to Svein, for sharing his wisdom with us!
Last, but not least, Bengt and Brigitta, thank you so much for doing the lunches! Without you, we would starve! 

What a great camp, ey? You missed it? Well you should definitely come next year! 


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