2015-07-26 18:20

Äntligen är det kursstart snart:)

Kursstart för tävling och rekryteringsgruppen, samt ungdom - fortsättning är vecka 33!

Alla andra kurser börjar vecka 36!

2015-07-15 22:55

En spännande dag på Dansstudio Magic.

Storstjärnan Isa var på besök och repeterade med Dansstudio Magics ungdoms dansare inför Lotta på Liseberg på måndag.

Och med hiphop dansaren Martin Jonsson som koreograf så gick allt som smort.

Vi ser fram emot en fantstisk show på Liseberg på måndag.

Missa inte nästa blogg inlägg med bilder mm!

Dansstudiio Magic i Göteborg

2015-07-01 22:13

Stay in shape camp at Dansstudio Magic Göteborg (träningshelg i dans i Göteborg)

(report is written by Kaja Jakowska)

Last weekend 27th-28th of june was the time for the thing we all needed the most, a stay in shape camp. Even thou trying to keep up with the practices during summer, everyone can feel the stamina falls behind. That's where this camp comes in and whips us all into shape again. 

Saturday was the day of ballroom group and latin stamina practice, where sunday was the opposite. The thing that was present on both days was the fitness practice, where Gustaf and Valentina treated us to some lovely stomach, back and legs exercises, that left us unable to cough, laugh or lift heavy objects for a few days.

But why complain when this camp reminds us of hard work during the leisure of summer and gives a taste of Summer Camp later in July, which is going to be awesome and if you miss it, well, shame on you.

See you all on Summer Camp!

2015-06-30 10:41

Läs i GP om fördelarna med att DANSA och anmäl dig till en danskurs som börjar vecka 36 på dansstudio Magic i Göteborg!

2015-06-14 21:36

Grattis till SDO (Sveriges Danspedagogers Organisation) som firar 50 års jubileum i år i samband med sommarkongressen i Göteborg.

Svenska SDO mästare Jura och Kaja från Magic gjorde en fanstastisk show under Lördags kvällen.

Jättekul att se dansare från Dansstudio Magic (Hedvig, Filip, Jura och Kaja) som hjälpte till på domarseminariet under kongressen och demostrerade till Sveriges domare vad är bra och minde bra dans när det gäller standarddans. 




2015-06-13 22:22

The 90th Blackpool Dance Festival

21st-29th of May 2015

(report is written by Kaja Jakowska)

Once again the most anticipated competition of the year has been and gone. And what a competition it was! It seems like every year everyone outdo themselves, not only the dancers and organizers but also the dance shop stands, the shows and the general atmosphere, being more fun and tense at the same time than ever.

I could go through day-by-day what event would be on what day but that wouldn't be very fun so we'll just carry on to the highlights of this most glorious event!

The first days, being occupied by the Amateur Rising Stars in both Latin and Ballroom drew surprisingly big crowds. In the Ballroom the only competing Swedish couple being Jerzy Borowski & Kaja Jackowska from Magic, making it to the 4th round, which they weren't too happy with.

Without doubt, one of the biggest Swedish successes of the festival was the 4th place in the final of Professional Rising Stars Latin of Stefano Oradei and Veera Kinnunen.

It would be most of a shame not to mention the successes of the only Swedish senior couple, Erik Seeger and Sofia Wester, getting to a very respectable 72 place out of 158 couples, after few months of dancing together. They both have a background in dancing Pro-Am, and also that's how they met and began dancing together.

On Sunday the Professional Team Match didn't have representants from Sweden but it was exciting all the same, with teams from Asia, America, Europe and Great Britain showing off their best dancers, who indeed, are the elite of the world of dancing. In the end it was the team from America who won, which they have done a few years in a row.

Filip Sjölander and Hedvig Mannius were also dancing that night, although they were competing the Under 21 Latin. Despite really good dancing on their part, they missed the second round by few marks.

The following night's shows, prepared by the teams, were truly remarkable. It was the first time I had a chance to go to see them, and even though my expectations were high, the shows exceeded them all. The shows were funny, but showed off great dancing. The evening was also gilded by the announcement of another Blackpool Dance Festival in China, next year. What a year, with two Blackpool to attend to!

On the day of Under 21 Ballroom, we could enjoy quite a crowd of Swedish supporters, when Gustaf and Valentina (main coaches at Dansstudio Magic) arrived the day before, Karl Rasmussen (who started an new partnership with Sara Frisack were too late to enter Blackpool this year) arriving two days prior and Jura and Kaja being there from the beginning.

There also did Filip and Hedvig compete, needing only two more marks to make it into the top 63, finishing on 65th place. Other Swedish results included Marcus Johansson and Nicole Nguyen (top 90) and Sam Arkediani and Fanny Sandenberg (top 78).

Although a couple representing nor Magic, nor Sweden, but England, Dan Malov and Julia Granath are anyways good friends, Julia being Swedish from Helsinborg (Wilson dance center) and practicing in Magic for over a year, and the Swedish team cheered them all the way to the final of the competition.

The professional Latin, the following night, has been, for sure the most emotional of all the festival. With three couples of the final finishing their competitive career, there was not an eye left dry. At first Marcus Hilton (the speaker of the competition and all around dance genius) announced he had two letters to read, one from Andrey Skufca and Melinda, and Jurij and Jagoda Batagelij, announcing their retirement. After the prize presentation thou, Marcus said he has another letter, which was from Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis, who, after winning Blackpool the 8th time in a row (!!!!!) decided to end their career.

The most important event for all of us would be the retirement of Magic's latin guest coaches, Rachid Malki and Anna Suprun, who after 13 years of dancing together decided to head into new challenges in life (because I think that we can all call ourselves a bit of challenges to teach at times..). Of course we, and I think i can speak for the whole of what is Magic, wish them all the best, however it was sad to know that this is the last time we'll see them on the competition floor. And of course we look forward seeing them on Magic's Summer Camp on 27th of July!

Before anyone knew how or where the time's gone, the two last days of Blackpool were upon us (like the dance festival Blackpool, the city is still perfectly fine. We didn't destroy it...). The Amateur Ballroom competition on Thursday was a very exciting event, with the previous champions gone to professionals. In the end it was the Polish couple, Sergiu Rusu and Dorota Makar, new champions by winning all four dances.

Jura and Kaja were the only couple from Magic dancing this event, and kept their result from last year, of top 48. The other Swedish couples dancing were Karl Hallberg and Matilda Johansson (top 109) and Hampus Norberg and Lana Murphy (top 101).

The last night was the Professional Ballroom night, and, in my opinion, never have i seen such a good final! Of course, the night was lined with a bit of sadness, that being the first big competition where Gustaf and Valentina didn't dance after their retirement at Gothenburg Spring ball in march.

As always, Blackpool was amazing! The few days you get to experience as a dancer, living, eating and breathing dancing, are what essentially brings back everyone every year.

Now all this was dragging.. If you haven't stopped reading yet, have some fun pictures.

<-- when the teachers of Magic looked damn fine

<-- Jura and Kaja are done with the comp

<-- When Filip gave up his quiet life and became a pirate

<-- When the selfie game was 100%

<-- And when it was on point in other sense..

See you next year, Blackpool!!!

2015-05-04 12:58

with Dansstudio Magic


  • En Workshop I PasoDoble för alla vuxna från nybörjare till avancerad: 45 min
  • Uppvisningar från Sveriges bästa dansare I olika åldrar
  • Dansafton: 2 timmars dans 

Tid och plats: 23e augusti kl. 17.00-20.00, Dansstudio Magic (August Barks gata 7)

Pris: 250 kr per person

Anmälan: Anmäl dig senast 10e augusti. Anmälan sker viaäl-dig-till-kursen-här, ange PasoDoble i kurskoden


Vid frågor kontakta oss via e-mail eller 0708740304


Med vänlig hälsning

Gustaf och Valentina / Dansstudio Magic

2015-04-23 15:09



”Många små steg för benen, ett stort hopp för hjärta och hjärna”

Nytt på Dansstudio Magic!

Pardanskurs för dig som är 65+ eller pensionär!

Ta chans att motionera, umgås med andra människor och ha roligt på Dansstudio Magic.

Kursen börjar vecka 36 på onsdagar kl. 15.00-16.30

Anmäl dig redan idag och ange 5HT15 i kurskoden.

För mer information ring 0708750304

”Det är aldrig för sent att börja motionera regelbundet för att dra nytta av dessa hälsovinster”




2015-04-22 15:49

Välkommen till vår nya hemsida!

Med fyra år på nacken var det dags för vår gamla hemsida att tacka för sig.

Vår nya sida har en ljusare och mer modern design, som även är anpassad till mobiltelefoner och läsplattor och vi hoppas att du ska uppleva den fräschare och mer lättläst.


Våra sponsorer och samarbeten