Pro/Am competition Helsinki

Pro / Am competition in Finland “Elevent Star” took place 3rd of December 2017 in

very beautiful arena. Compitions was held in the old student house is a building in the Gloet in Helsinki, in the corner of Alexandersgatan 23 and Mannerheimvägen 3. It was designed by the architect Hampus Dalström and completed in 1870.

119 couples from 9 different countries came to participate and show their skills. Majority of couples were Pro / Am competitors, but there was also Professional categories. As for Pro / Am, you can dance on different levels. This time it was possible to choose Beginner level, bronze, silver or Gold.

At Pro/ Am competitions only the amateur in the couple is judged against other amateurs. As a rule, a professional male dancer competes with his student or amateur partner against an equal couple where the man is a professional and the woman is amateur introduced to different age groups. The same applies when the professional dancer is a woman and the amateur a man. Since there are very few amateur men, on this competition amateur men where competing against armature women. A tough challenge for the couple where the woman is Pro and the man is Am.

It's a very special feeling to dance pro / am where most dancers get their dream fulfilled to dance in a professional manner or still have a chance to exert their talent, hobby or sport. Pro / Am dancers are very dance-interested and they really enjoy taking part in these competitions and watching other dancers.

We were five dance couples from Sweden, four of them from Dance Studio Magic where Valentina Lundin danced with two partners Erik Seeger and Steen Bödker, Jerzy Borowski danced with Reneé Wensberg, Karl Rasmussen danced with Maria Martinsson.


We all had a great time not only during the competition, but also travelling together and having great time at the dinners. A lot of laughter and positive emotions! After all this Freedom to dance event was a fantastic experience.


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